Helping an Old Friend

Let me tell you right out of the box that my friends and family all know about my “hobby” and take advantage of my skills. If I accepted every offer to find unusual things that I was asked on Facebook and decorate someone’s home, I would never have time for myself. Not that I mind helping. It’s just time…time…time. I am very flattered that people are paying attention to my interests. Not everyone is that lucky. We all wander through life focusing on ourselves. But recently I gave in because a friend seemed to be in desperate need of my services, such as they are.

Here’s the job: redo an antiquated bathroom with updated plumbing and accessories. No, I do not fix pipes, but I know how to find an expert.  I decided that new tile was required and an interesting vanity. Of course, I repurposed an old night stand with drawers that could do double duty. I love juxtaposing the old and the new to create a modern context with flair. Antiques are not just for old ladies. They can be accent pieces to liven an existing dull décor. You can paint or whitewash wood to suit the bathroom’s palette.

My help even extended to choosing a new gas water heater from here. I don’t know any more than the average person but I can read descriptions and reviews. My friend delegated every detail to me in this reno so I obliged her. I picked out a good mid-priced unit for her size of home that would be reliable in producing the quantity of hot water she needed on a regular basis. It wasn’t an issue of appearance although the new models, tankless or not, are smaller and take up less space. The new materials last longer and need fewer repairs. Wow, listen to me, the new expert.